Think FAAST - Think System Sensor


E-Learning delivers a flexible and easy way to access a wealth of valuable information on the FAAST product range. 

The new Honeywell Learning Hub will be coming soon. It will provide a portal for all your business’ training material, from the latest interactive E-Learning or instructional video through to Live training and classroom sessions to simple PDF’s or PowerPoints. 

E-Learning Benefits

  • New product Information - get all the training on new products as soon as its available
  • Interactive Training material - enjoyable and rewarding hands on learning!
  • 24x7x365 availability - accessed via a Cloud based global service
  • Offline App option - enjoy the training without the need for an internet connection
  • Video best practice training - let the experts show you how its done
  • Understand applications and opportunities - what works best and where
  • Expert Hints and Tips
  • Quizzes and rewards - have fun and earn certifications and icon rewards

If you would like to know more about Honeywell's benchmark training options, including face to face product or application guidance, please contact

E-Learning Modules

Click the E-Learning link below to try an Aspiration module on PipeIQ.

E-Learning modules are provided in both English and German. Please check back regularly for additional E-Learning content.



Duration: 20 mins


Click here for ENGLISH module

Klicken Sie hier für das DEUTSCHE Modul